What We Do

Organic and Quality Certification

We work together with the Quality Department of all our customers as consultants, implementers or internal auditors.

Throughout these years we have worked implementing EU organic regulations and NOP Standards (USA) with several organic certification local and foreign companies like OIA, IBD, OTCO, IMO, Food Chain ID/Bioagricert, Food Safety, among others.

We manage special recertifications as BioSuisse, Naturland, Soil Association, Korea, JAS, China, Brazil, COR-Canada and Social Protocols, Gluten Free, Vegan, NON-GMO Project, Identity Preserved, KOSHER, HALAL, etc. READ MORE.

  • Transition plan for Organic Production.

  • Procedures and Traceability Records throughout the whole value chain.

  • Preparation and Follow up of Organic certification inspection visits.

  • Obtention, Follow up and Renewal of Organic, Quality, Food safety and Security Certifications.

  • Laboratory tests implementation as an internal control tool and as a backup for customers.

  • Audit preparation and Follow up of Certification for Customers and Official Control Bodies.

Agronomic Consultancy

Our professional background and a broad experience in planting seed production, specialty crops and high value and quality crops allows us to deliver an integral agronomic consultancy service for the conversion and management of organic crops in order to have access to the most demanding organic markets.

  • Selection of productive units and design of transition and rotational plans needed for conversion.

  • Team work and training for farm personal concerning field techniques and products suitable and authorized for organic production units.

  • Strategies for planting seed supply chain in compliance with Organic Standards and all seed regulations.

  • Specialized consultancy in methods and products approved by Organic Standards for plague and diseases control both during crop development as well as post-harvest (transport, handling, storage, processing, packing).

  • Continuous research on new alternative inputs for organic production.

Project Development and Improvement

Our integral services cover the development of organic projects creating synergies along the whole value chain that guarantee the obtention of the product according to the desired requirements, within profitable conditions and with concrete market possibilities.

We also deliver services to optimize existing organic projects through an integral management analysis and search of alternatives, options and solutions that will generate improvements, both in production and commercial aspects.

  • Organic Projects Feasibility Studies.

  • Organic Project Implementation.

  • Improvement on already existing organic operations.

  • Analysis and Feasibility of Supply Programs of organic ingredients for elaborated products.

  • Maintenance and Organization of Documentation and Records for Organic operations.

  • Design, Implementing and Audit for Quality Control Systems.

Commercial Services

We are facilitators and serve as communication channel between all parties involved. We speed up all management processes allowing, simplifying and helping to generate efficient commercial links.

We concentrate orders, cooperating and assisting in contract closure. Our participation and intervention guarantee commercial agreements fulfillment. We do not buy. We do not sell. But we are present from the very first moment until the operation is finished successfully.

Besides that we deliver all orders, queries and claims, that might eventually show up.

  • Marketing agents for organic products.

  • Revision, management and handling of Shipping Documents.

  • Traceability Systems and Background information for Organic productions.

  • Shipments Collection management.


We coordinate the Shipping plans and we guarantee their total fulfillment. We manage the whole documentation package and take care of it for being sent to the buyers in order to conclude successfully the operation.

We work in all Ports and Terminals of our region: Buenos Aires, Zarate, Las Palmas, Bahía Blanca, San Nicolás, San Pedro, Montevideo (UY), Rio Grande (BR).

  • Shipping schedule coordination for different shippers.

  • International Transport Booking Operations.

  • Advisory on Logistic Operations.

  • Cleaning Procedures, Checking and Sampling. Loading operations supervising.

  • Advisory on Bulk or Packed cargoes.

  • Advisory on Materials and Packaging for loading.

Other Services

  • Organic Market Research.

  • Technical Feasibility Analysis for Organic Projects.

  • Design of stategics for entering to Organic Production and Management.

  • Added value to Organic Projects.

  • Design, follow up and maintenance of a Supply Chain in accordance to customer’s needs, for both the industry level or the final consumer.

  • Search, Identification, selection and follow up of suppliers of organic ingredients, raw materials or finished organic products.