Héctor S. Flesler.
Héctor S. Flesler born in Buenos Aires City in 1947.

Agronomist Engineer with for Agronomy School-Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires (1973).

He is a consultant for production, certification and marketing of organic products of several companies in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, through Organic Suppliers SRL.

He works especially in organic cereals, oilseeds, oils, sugar and honey.

He trained in alternative agricultural and specialty crops through the Canadian model from 1976 onwards.

He is an informative member of the Canadian Specialty Crops Grower Association.

He participated in the first Argentine exports of crops such as white mustard, amaranth and buckwheat, working with national authorities to establish the first quality standards for those.

Formed the first Club of Special Crops under Contract in the country, through which various alternative crops were established in semiarid regions.

Since 1989 he specialized in organic agriculture as producer and exporter, with specific work in disease prevention and fertilization.

He worked on the first organic production in Argentina with foreign certifications, before the effective date of the first organic standards in the country.

In 1993 founded Specialty Crops SRL together with Ing. Agr. Guillermo Napoli, first argentinian company exclusivaly dedicated to production, processing and export of organic crops like flax, soybean for human consumption, confectionary sunflower, honey.

He organized the first teams to biodynamic farming in the country, with programs in the province of Buenos Aires and Salta.

Among the awards received, won First Award National Rural Society / Professional Council of Agricultural Engineers in 1993, by the introduction of buckwheat cultivation in the country in over thirty production facilities.

He has published numerous articles in various specialized media and he is co-author of "Buckwheat" Agricultural Science Collection-Agricultural Science School-Universidad de Belgrano- 1994.

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