Over 20 years experience in the production and marketing of organic products support our work as consultants, external managers and exclusive sales agents.
In 1990 we started organic production in Argentina after many years of growing different specialty crops for the domestic food industry.
Organic farming was barely known in South America at that moment.

For more than 10 years we produced and exported organic grains and cereals from our farms and facilities located in Buenos Aires and Entre Rios provinces.
Since then we have built an extensive network of growers, processors, exporters, costumers and commercial partners.

Finally on year 2004 we founded Organic Suppliers in order to develop different organic operations based in all our Know-how as suppliers of organic raw materials.

Our job is to develop Organic Projects, get them certified and, from that moment, continue working as advisors, external managers and exclusive sales agents for those operations.
It allows us to offer our customers from around the globe a wide range of organic products as well as our extensive expertise in all aspects of organic production: from seeds and crops, to processing, certification, and marketing.

Currently we trade organic cereals and grains, organic oils and meals, organic honey, organic sugar and derivates. All these products are grown under our direct supervision at several operations based in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

Guillermo C. Napoli

Héctor S. Flesler

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